My Ghost and Me

A 16-page comic printed on transparent vellum. A girl moves into a new apartment, only to realize it’s haunted by another girl who also lives in the apartment. They can’t see each other or hear each other, but they find a way to communicate with one another across their different planes of existence. The transparent paper allows both sides of the story to come together, yet also exist separately.  The covers are hand-screenprinted. 

doubleworld 1-1.png
doubleworld 1-2.png
doubleworld 2-1.png
doubleworld 2-2.png
doubleworld 3-1.png
doubleworld 3-2.png
doubleworld 4-1.png
doubleworld 4-2.png
doubleworld 5-1.png
doubleworld 5-2.png
doubleworld 6-1.png
doubleworld 6-2.png
doubleworld 7-1.png
doubleworld 7-2.png
doubleworld 8-1.png
doubleworld 8-2.png